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Let’s find out about the users of your website

Do you want to change the graphics of the site because your favourite colour is not present? Do you think the text of your web pages is obsolete or difficult to understand?

Are you convinced, on the contrary, that your site is perfect, the best in the world and therefore you have no capacity for the fact that it is not bringing you any real gain?

Evaluations such as these should not be made based on personal and entrepreneurial instinct but on the basis of data!

data driven marketing audits and analytics

Digital Analytics

The in-depth analysis of the behaviour of users on your site is the fundamental element without which it is impossible to finalise any web marketing project and evaluate its effectiveness.

The success of your site

By trusting us, you will have the opportunity to manage your web-marketing plans based on real data rather than random impressions. Our goal is to achieve your business goals, avoiding unnecessary wasting of time and money with ineffective strategies.

Periodic web analytics reports
We will periodically send you detailed and reasoned reports on the performance of your web pages and the behaviour of the users who access it. Satisfying their needs in the best way is the actual value of your website. A few, but crucial interventions make the difference when it comes to turning a user into a customer or losing them permanently.

Website usage statistics and SEO
Even the work of web optimisation for search engines carried out by any SEO agency can be significantly improved thanks to the continuous analysis of how the website users interact with the content. Through the analysis of access paths, you will soon be able to understand how and how much your web presence can be amplified through actions aimed at search engines.

Take a leap forward

Plan your marketing strategies based on reliable data!

Do you want to start with an initial analysis to find out more about the typical user of your site? Or do you prefer to proceed with the definition of your goals and your strategies and then implement all the appropriate tools to measure their performance?
Some typical web analytics activities

  • Initial measurement plan and KPI definition
  • Analysis of visits trend (continuous analysis of traffic changes to your website)
  • Provenance of visitors (organic search engine results, other websites, paid ads, etc.)
  • Navigation paths
  • Access keywords
  • Bounce rate (users entering the site and leaving immediately)
  • Conversion rate
  • ROI and ROAS

Harness the power of your data

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