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What is Brand Personality and why is it important?

Brand personality is centred around recognising that we connect emotionally with brands. Humanising a brand is a cognitive exercise that will assist with connecting your brand to your customer.

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Your brand as a human

If your brand was a living person, what sort of person would it be? How would you characterise it? What personality traits would it have?

The person within

The character of your brand

The personality of your brand is acquired from keywords that you would use to define your brands character – just as you would describe the character of a person. How do you want your audience to identify your brand. Brand identity and brand personality aren’t the same thing.

Brand identity is concerned with the ‘image’ and voice of the brand such as the logo, social media posts company colour etc. But the brands identify must work hand in hand with the brands personality as the identity is part of the personality. The personality is the driving force behind the brand, it brings it to life while creating positive associations.

Business growth equals brand growth

The aim of Brand personailty

The aim of the company’s brand should be to elicit a positive emotional response from its target customers. As your business grows so does your brand personality, naturally. Your client base will be the guide for understanding who you are selling to and ensuring that your brand personality reverberates with the correct audience.

As an experienced agency we can help you to make the first steps in defining your brands personally.


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