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How to manage a Google Ads campaign
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Google Ads campaigns need careful planning and are based on multiple factors ranging from the budget available, the number of products or services to be sponsored, the number of keywords or the geographic target of interest.

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Best results with PPC campaigns

The choice of ads and keywords should be made with extreme care to avoid receiving clicks from users who are not really interested in the product.
Plan and prepare for success

Google Shopping Management Experts

As Google Ads certified consultants, we can outline the Google Ads campaign consulting and management activity, dividing the operations in this way:

  • Preliminary customer analysis and identification of corporate objectives: target audience, competitors’ campaigns (and keyword identification in the case of adwords)
  • Analysis and optimization of the website or ecommerce, or production of landing pages
  • Estimated traffic simulation for certain keywords (AdWords)
  • Campaign creation – ad groups – ads
  • Keyword for each ad group
  • Extensions
  • Launch campaigns
  • Continuous analysis of set results and objectives
  • A / B Continuous tests
  • Periodic strategy redefinition
  • A reasoned creation of the ads and an adequate selection of the keywords, allow to increase the number of accesses to the company website only by the users really interested in our services / products, thus favoring conversions, for example the compilation of a contact form, the sale of a product etc.
Reap the benefits of shopping

Shopping campaigns and shopping ads

As a retailer you can utilise shopping campaigns to promote your online or local goods, drive traffic to your website or establish qualified leads.

As a merchant you can provide a broader presence online through your shopping ads, a vital advertising channel for e-commerce retailers. Let our agency assist you optimising your shopping campaign to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.


Promote your goods through Google Shopping

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