About us

MD THINKING founded by
Matteo D’Agostino

To realise a quality web marketing project, it is essential that a reliable reference person, an experienced and capable professional, is available in each area.
We have chosen the best!
We have brought together some extremely dedicated professionals in the sector to guarantee the best results for our customers.

When we start a new digital marketing campaign, firstly, we establish the business objectives and the digital strategies together with the customer. Once this is done, we assign each professional their tasks, without ever leaving aside their specific suggestions.


Experienced & Skilled

MD Thinking is a web marketing consulting agency based in Italy that combines the best and most innovative web technologies with the most effective marketing strategies to promote the development of your business and the growth of your turnover.


MD People

Matteo D’Agostino


Graduated in Philosophy and Humanities Computing, I approached digital marketing by discovering it as an ideal opportunity to meet technical-IT knowledge, which I appreciate for its concreteness and rationality, with humanistic-philosophical knowledge (and consciousness), a unique guarantee of openness to listening and to understanding others.
I specialised in web marketing at the University of California Irvine and the Oxford College of Marketing.

To succeed on the web, technical skills are important, but they are not enough. If we want to be in tune with our customers, we need to look at the world from their point of view and include a human fund.



Graphic designer by training and eclectic artist by vocation, with almost twenty years of experience gained in various sectors of communication, I follow the artistic direction of the projects of the studio, maintaining a choral perspective on the work, enriched by my vision that takes advantage of the various experiments in the field of photography, video and digital art.

I am very good at taking care of relationships with clients with whom I instinctively establish a relationship of trust based on direct communication and constant feedback!



Professional English language specialist helping businesses and individuals harness the power of words to optimise their business. With my role at MD Thinking I am utilising my degree in communication, over 25 years experience of managerial experience within British companies, and more recent experience and training with the English language. As a qualified English teacher with certified grammar knowledge and a degree in communication, my work now centres around editing, proofreading and translation.

I am adept at working with businesses worldwide with differing cultures and requirements to ensure the words they use, delivers the message they want to convey to their customers.



I design, manage and optimise web marketing campaigns. Certified in Facebook Ads and Google Ads, since 2014, I created and managed communication and marketing campaigns of various cultural projects.

I founded and developed evenice.it, which has become one of the most visited websites for exhibitions and events in the city of Venice.



I am a web developer with more than 10 years of experience in coding/managing custom WordPress based web projects, and I have specialised in creating fast and easy to maintain websites. My success lies in the special approach to my work, where I put a significant focus on client communication and my web product quality.

I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and help my clients evaluate all the possible scenarios and give you all the suggestions in order to help them exceed their goals.



Graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Padua, I deal with copywriting and blogging full-time since 2011 on behalf of a cross-clientele both in Italy and abroad. My skills and my experience allow me to manage simple or complex projects with the same effectiveness, from the continuous updating of a blog to link building campaigns through guest posts and sponsored articles. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with companies, professionals, start-ups and web agencies, both in the role of consultant and blog marketer.

Within MD Thinking, I work as content managers, copy and bloggers with particular attention on writing articles and SEO friendly content. Part of my work is also dedicated to staff training, both in groups and through individual lessons, always on topics related to writing for digital and online storytelling. I believe in collaboration, and I think above all in the synergy between professionals who love their work and their mission: helping customers in the difficult art of online promotion.