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What is inbound marketing, and why does it work?

Inbound marketing is a methodology aimed at capturing potential customers of a company on the Internet, to interest them through ad hoc content or display and social campaigns to facilitate the meeting and negotiation between the company and its potential clients.

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Inbound Marketing Consulting Agency

We take care of optimizing your website for users and Google in to transform your online presence into a profitable investment.

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Making the inbound philosophy work for your business

According to our corporate philosophy, perfectly respected by the inbound methodology, it makes no sense, and it is incorrect to bother people through aggressive and intrusive advertising methods. Instead, we need to try to provide users with what they need when they need it.


Work phases of an inbound marketing campaign

The inbound marketing activity is based on a series of fairly defined steps, but linked to each other in order to support conversions:

  • Attract: attract users in corporate digital media (website, social media, etc.). We are not interested in attracting any user to our site. Still, we aim at the so-called qualified traffic, consisting of seriously interested people who are likely to become customers.
  • Interact & Convert: interact with users who have accessed the site, facilitating their conversion into leads (leads).
  • Close: transforming contacts into customers.
  • Delight: entertain the acquired contacts and the customers to retain them.

Making inbound marketing work for your business!

The objective is simple: to plan and launch marketing campaigns capable of generating leads, consolidating trust in the brand and therefore increasing business opportunities.

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