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A clear brand positioning strategy

A clear brand positioning strategy concerns generating brand relationships in your customers thoughts to ensure they regard your brand in a certain way.

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Customer loyalty with brand positioning

Customer loyalty is directly linked to brand positioning strategies. Handled effectively the brand positioning is the extent to which the brand is perceived in a favourable way by your customers.
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Brand Positioning Objectives

To be successful with your brand positioning certain objectives must be fulfilled.

  • Relevant/Purpose – If your brand is not relevant, if it doesn’t have a purpose in the mind of the customer then the customer will not find your brand appealing.
  • Unique – Being different is vital and one of the key drivers to success over the competition. Your brand must be unique compared to the offerings from your competition.
  • Credibility = You must be able to provide your customer with what you say you are offering and ensure your customer is not left with empty promises.
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Turning it into real business results

The real challenge is getting the strategies and objectives to lead into real business results and into a connection with your customer. To do this you will need analysis, and client data along with flexibility.

  • Analysis – understand what your competition is doing and benchmark yourself against them.
  • Original – Ensure your brand position is original and develop a story that captures your values.
  • Flexibility – Once you have established a brand position it doesn’t have to be set in stone. Adjust your statement accordingly as and when required.

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