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Brand Promise

Have a clear honest Brand promise

Ensure that you do not comprise your customers trust by breaking your brand promise.

brand strategy

Direct message to your customer

A good, honest promise is always easy to remember. Short and sharp, with clear focus.

The little details

The key brand benefits

After establishing the key benefits from your brand positioning, look deeply at your target market.

  • How do they communicate with each other?
  • What do they find engaging?
  • What language do they use to communicate?

Your brand promise is your commitment to them and your ability to deliver on that commitment.

Who are you aiming at?

Know your audience

To enable your brand to connect with your customers on an emotional level your brand promise needs to be brief and captivating.

  • It needs to be consistent so that customers know what to expect every time they interact with your business.
  • It creates, builds and expands customer loyalty at the core.
  • It should represent your uniqueness and this is what your customer will remember time and time again.

Build your promise - connect your brand

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