Promoting your company online: 9 fool proof systems

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edited by Matteo D’Agostino
graduated in Philosophy and Computer Science, he specialised in web marketing at the University of California and Oxford College of Marketing.


After discussing in a recent article about how to find new customers, let’s get back to the topic and see together how to promote your company using some of the best marketing strategies of the moment. The theme is vast and constantly updated: in order not to dwell too much, we have discarded the least effective solutions and focused on 9 infallible systems, to be exploited to your advantage to promote small or large companies, but also eCommerce, websites, personal projects and everything that falls within the wide range of business areas, from construction to the sale of household products. With this guide, everyone will be able to clear their minds and organise a visible plan adapted to their business goals. Let’s start with one of the most successful innovations: influencer marketing.


promote company influencer marketing

Now fully incorporated into the vocabulary of insiders, the term “influencer marketing” indicates a type of promotion conducted through the involvement of famous people, or at least followed, on social media and on the web in general.­­ Think, for example, of the young Youtuber with millions of subscribers to their channel, but also of the millennials on Instagram or the many well-known names that populate the blogosphere. Real people with a huge audience, which we can access through collaborations from time to time according to target, budget and timing. From the publication of an article on a blog with hundreds of thousands of visits to the sharing of Instagram stories by several listed figures who address our catchment area, the influencer marketing allows us to reach an immense audience, with which otherwise we could not interact.­ A sometimes minimal expenditure, even a few hundred euros, ensures a massive and highly targeted promotion.­


A second option to promote your business and make the most of the web is the funnel. ­ Here too, we are dealing with a recent strategy which is bearing very good results, provided that certain measures are followed. ­ The funnel is nothing more than an automated email sending system to generate online sales. Such as? Here is a step-by-step practical example, imagining that the company corresponds to a tourist agency of a seaside resort:

1.  The agency in question creates a free eBook in which the 20 top destinations of the Tyrrhenian coast are listed

2.  People come to the site, find the eBook, leave their email and access the content in this way­

3.  From here on begins the funnel: every 2 weeks, people receive an email where destinations are explained, presented and described in detail

4.  The opening rate is monitored over time, checking through the sending platform who opens emails most often­

5.  As the funnel proceeds, the manager collects the data and creates a top list with the email addresses of the people who are most interested

6.  These people are sent a highly personalised offer based on the most popular destinations


It goes without saying that the conversion rate of a funnel is very high as the user is gradually motivated to learn more about the product or service, without aggressive actions but with extreme naturalness.­ It is equally obvious that good content must be created in such a way as to persuade the potential customer and to successfully implement the acquisition path.


promote companies seo content writingBlogs and news sections represent two of the best channels for publishing quality content ( ¬ In this case the promotion consists in providing the web audience with information, advice and articles related to business issues. Take a car accessories ecommerce, for example. By opening a blog, the online store will explain how to install the roof bars, or how to replace the engine battery, or how to change the air filter. Real guides that bring traffic and visibility from Google, effectively promoting products sold by the company. At more advanced levels, you can also consider creating a real magazine, gathering internal contributions from team members. These techniques are known by the English term content curation, or content care, where content refers to articles, posts and guides published online according to a rea-soned editorial plan.


promote companies with social networks facebook and twitterThe promotion of a company passes not only through websites and blogs, but also and above all through the management of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. ­ With millions of active users at all times of the day, the two social networks confirm themselves as an indispensable marketing opportunity for those who want to promote online without spending a fortune.­­ Both on one and the other, visibility can be achieved in two ways: either with natural management of the profile or by setting up a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign.­ In the first scenario we have to roll up our sleeves and produce valuable daily content that arouses the right level of engagement. In the second case, the promotion will take place through sponsored ads, so each click will be charged a fee. ­­ The two systems draw strength from each other and should, therefore, be used in synergy, carefully planning the budget and monitoring the progress of the campaign thanks to the provided analysis tools.


how to promote a company with youtubeYouTube is now an institution and as such counts millions of viewers. Promoting your company on this platform means first of all opening a “channel” and posting videos, a bit like blog posts or articles in the news section. Just one video per week, even a few minutes, can be enough to increase the fan base over time, build the audience loyalty and stand out from the competition. Beware of this last point: if the presence of a company within social networks such as Facebook is almost obvious, the same cannot be said of YouTube. Fundamental, in addition to the quality of the images, is the ability to build captivating storytelling, where the entrepreneur “puts his face to it” and establishes a relationship with the target audience. As with other social media, there are also the possibilities to push certain videos of greater impact through PPC campaigns.


google ads campaign managementIn Italy, Google Ads is considered one of the most powerful tools to promote companies, es-pecially SME’s and new businesses in the market. Through PPC AdWords campaigns, you can create ads that appear on Google with keywords established and approved by the system.¬ AdWords has many strengths, starting with ease of use and immediacy of results. In just a few hours, anyone can activate their ads and increase traffic to the site or ecommerce. However, you should not make the mistake of thinking that AdWords is the panacea for all evils: if the campaign is not supported by a proper sales system (responsive website, modern graphics, pages op-timised, etc.) the results will be well below expectations, with the risk of paying much and collecting little. The help of a qualified specialist, where qualified means in possession of regular certification (Eviblu in this regard is a Google AdWords Partner) guarantees superior performance in every respect, with an ROI (return on investment) consistent with the effort sustained.




promote a company with guest postsContent curation can be done both actively and passively. What do you mean? If with blogs and news we are the ones who spread quality news online, guest posts are other interlocutors who host authoritative contributions in their channels in the form of articles, posts, reviews, interviews and so on. Let us assume, for example, to run a company that sells wooden structures for outdoor use. We Google “types of wood for construction” and see what pops up in the results. We will find, in addition to our competitors, some blogs and portals that offer useful advice in response to our research. Well: let’s contact them and suggest they write an article about our company and the structures for sale. Not everyone is willing to host guest posts, but many portals and blogs do so as they take part of their income from this source. Once published and shared, the article will strengthen the authority of our domain (see next point), will further echo the activity, and last but not least it will allow us to reach a wider audience thanks to the sharing on Facebook and the various social professionals of the blog/portal we addressed. All this at a price that usually ranges from 200 to 1,000 euros and above.


seo promotions for companiesSEO ( o Search engine Optimisation includes several more or less technical operations aimed at positioning a site, corporate blogs or eCommerce for one or more keywords. When a person searches online for a keyword, he will find in the results the site in question, strong by the organic (not sponsored) positioning achieved over the years. This sounds fantastic, it’s actually a job full of unknowns, which doesn’t always lead to the hoped-for results, either because of too much competition, or because of the lack of useful keywords (e.g. because they are not very popular), or because the first places are occupied by sites like Kijiji, eBay or Amazon, which are difficult if not impossible to overcome. We must therefore plan a realistic strategy and be prepared to change tactics according to changes in the SERP (the list of results). Promoting your company with SEO in 2020, in fact, is a risky but feasible move, even with the necessary precautions and a risk propensity of which, of course, it is good to be aware of right away.


The last of the systems to promote your company is called landing page: as the name suggests, landing is a “landing” page-oriented to lead generation (lead generation, where for lead means downloading a brochure, filling out a contact form, booking a hotel room, buying a product and so on).­­ The ideal situation sees the landing page at the centre of a marketing campaign with AdWords sponsored ads, PPC on Facebook, banners in external sites and portals… these channels, to be evaluated according to the business and target, convey traffic and visits to the landing page and allow you to promote the company even without the need for a website.­ The potential of a landing is enormous: promoting a specific test service, selling online a line of innovative products, offering tailor-made advice for a particular need (managing a blog, plumbing repair, car washing.) and much more.


We have seen 9 fool proof systems to promote a company or business with sustainable budgets, even in tight deadlines and without distorting their communication. MD Thinking follows and continues to follow customers from all over Italy supporting the company with plans Targeted strategic. If you also want personalised advice for your business, you just have to contact us by email or phone.